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1939 - 1945 World War II
1945 Atomic bomb detonated (Hiroshima)
1950 Korean War begins
1964 - 1973 Vietnam War
1969 Armstrong first person on the moon
1903 Wright brothers 1st plane flight
1908 Ford produces Model T
1913 Edison invents movies w/sound
1914 - 1918 World War I
1929 The Great Depression begins
1861 - 1865 Civil War, North vs. South
1867 Alaska Territory purchased
1869 Transcontinental Railroad complete
1879 Edison invents phono/light bulb
1898 Spanish-American War
 Antonio Michele Lommano
 b.1856 Bonefro, Italy
 Michele Antonio Lommano
 b.1887 Bonefro, Italy
 d.1959 Columbu, Franklin Co OH
 Carolina del Gatto
 b.1856 Bonefro, Italy
 Earl Lomano
 Giuseppe Travisano
 b.1851 Italy
 d.1931 Columbus, Ohio
 Maria Thomas
 b.1892 Columbus, Ohio
 Maria Fortunata Colucci
 b.1856 Italy
 d.1937 Columbus, Ohio
 Michele Earl Lomano
 Carmela Rose Catena